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JCH04 Ride-on Sweeper


JCH04 Ride-on Sweeper

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This JCH04 Ride-on Sweeper is the perfect piece of machinery for professionals who are looking for effective and efficient cleaning day after day.

The voltage of 24V assures a considerable intensity of duty and cleaning power, while the front drive motor of 650W provides maximum power for a wide range of sweeping operations.

The suction motor of 500W ensures optimal cleaning results, whilst the 12V battery with a total capacity of 400Ah offers a long working time of 5-6 hours with no need for recharging during service hours.

What's more, this Ride-on Sweeper has a wide brush plate width of 860mm and a water absorption width of 1280mm for efficient operation. With a robust and high-quality design, this machine can be worked hard, day in and day out.

It is the ideal choice for anyone looking to make their life easier and more efficient when it comes to commercial cleaning. This model practically glides across surfaces, picking up dust and debris with ease. Its practical design makes it easy to transport from job to job while its long-lasting battery power ensures that you can get the job done without interruption.

Highly reliable construction and a range of advanced features make this machine the perfect choice for any size company or business looking for a reliable, powerful, and efficient cleaning solution.

Length: 1600mm
Width: 1100mm
Height: 1380mm
Weight: 435Kg

Business owners and cleaning companies can put their trust in this durable and powerful Ride-on Sweeper to get incredible cleaning results every time. With such robust features and an impressive working time, the JCH04 Ride-on Sweeper will certainly provide the desired results - quickly, effectively, and durably.

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