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JCH05 Ride-on Sweeper


JCH05 Ride-on Sweeper

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The JCH05 Ride-on Sweeper is the perfect solution for any business looking to upgrade their cleaning capabilities. This powerful sweeper is far superior to any push-to sweeper; capable of a large working width of 1050mm along with an absorbent width of 1350mm, it covers larger areas in much less time. It also has robust tanks for both clean and sewage water; with a capacity of 245L and 260L respectively. And to top it off, it’s powered by a powerful 36V 200ah battery which enables you to keep going for longer.

Designed with busy cleaning companies in mind, the JCH05 Ride-on Sweeper has maximum cleaning potential as its design goal. This cleaner can cover larger areas quickly and easily, is built to tackle large areas, and hard stains, and come out on top. This Sweeper is ideal for workshops, car parks, warehouses, and other large commercial spaces. With its easy-to-use design and powerful engine it is sure to make a great addition to your cleaning team.

Whether you’re running commercial or industrial cleaning projects, the JCH05 Ride-on Sweeper is up to the task. Its robust design and durable construction will ensure that it can take on whatever you throw at it - no matter how much time, effort, or energy is required. It’s perfect for those who need a reliable sweeper that can handle large tasks in tight timelines while achieving great results.

Length: 1500mm
Width: 1350mm
Height: 1380mm
Weight: 535Kg

It pays to invest in quality cleaning equipment, and the JCH05 Ride-on Sweeper is an uncompromising choice. Whether you’re a business owner looking for an upgrade, or a cleaning service in need of an efficient, powerful sweeper - this machine is the perfect fit. Upgrade your cleaning capability with the JCH05 Ride-on Sweeper today!

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