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JCH06 Ride-on Sweeper


JCH06 Ride-on Sweeper

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Introducing the game-changing JCH06 Ride-on Sweeper – a revolutionary machine that will make deep cleaning a dream for any business or cleaning company. With its 24V voltage, ultra-powerful suction motor of 640W2, and 550W2 brush motor, the JCH06 Ride-on Sweeper takes cleaning to the next level.

Built to last, the JCH06 Ride-on Sweeper has an impressive working range of 900mm and a cleaning width of 1300mm. This machine is highly efficient, ensuring up to six hours of consecutive working time. Its weight of 400 kg, combined with a 180L clean water tank and 190L waste water tank, makes it the ideal machine for deep and thorough cleaning of large areas.

Length: 1150mm
Width: 1150mm
Height: 1250mm
Weight: 400Kg

Ideal for a variety of commercial environments, the JCH06 Ride-on Sweeper excels in locations where cleanliness and hygiene are paramount. It's an excellent choice for:
Shopping centers, factories, warehouses, and parking lots, thanks to its strong cleaning power and wide cleaning width.
Schools and universities can also benefit from its efficient and quick operation, maintaining an environment conducive to learning.
Event venues and exhibition centers will appreciate the swift cleanup after large gatherings, ensuring the venue is ready for the next event in record time.

The JCH06 Ride-on Sweeper is a robust commercial cleaning machine with a powerful suction and brush motor. Boasting an impressive operating range and cleaning width, this machine can work up to six hours consecutively.

If you require a cleaner, that can tackle any surface, any location, and any stain - this is the machine for you.

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