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JCH02 Ride-on Sweeper


JCH02 Ride-on Sweeper

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Introducing the JCH02 Ride-on Sweeper. This revolutionary piece of cleaning equipment combines power and user flexibility, making it the ideal choice for busy business owners and commercial cleaning companies.
Its electric motor produces 24 volts of power and is equipped with a 650 Watt suction motor and a 550 Watt brush motor for the ultimate cleaning power. The 85-liter clean water tank and 95-liter waste water tank provide a full, hassle-free clean, while the 1000-millimeter water absorption width ensures that even large areas are well taken care of.
The Ride-on Sweeper is also incredibly easy to use with its low body weight of 230 kg and ergonomic design. You can work with it for up to three or four hours at a time without a problem. Furthermore, its clever design means it takes up minimal space and easily fits into small nooks and crannies, even in the tightest of spaces.
Length: 1300mm
Width: 660mm
Height: 1170mm
Weight: 230Kg
The JCH02 Ride-on Sweeper is suitable for a wide range of commercial settings due to its powerful cleaning capabilities and compact dimensions. It's an invaluable tool for businesses such as:
Shopping Malls and Retail Stores: With its potent suction and brush motors, it can effectively clean large areas, making it a perfect fit for these high-traffic environments.
Warehouses and Factories: The generous water tank capacities ensure uninterrupted cleaning in large spaces.
Schools and Universities: The Ride-on Sweeper's low noise output ensures minimal disturbance, making it ideal for educational institutions.
Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities: Efficient cleaning performance contributes to maintaining a sanitary environment, which is crucial in healthcare settings.
Its versatility also extends to public places like parks and sidewalks that require regular cleaning and maintenance. Its ergonomic design and easy handling make it the perfect choice for commercial cleaning companies offering services across diverse sectors.

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